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We are attending community events across the Kenai to share information about the current state of the Kenai, gather input about core values and establish a collective vision for the future of the Kenai.
April 29-30 Kenai Peninsula Sports Rec and Trade Show
June 9-11 Kenai River Festival
June 17 Nikiski Days "Family Fun in the Midnight Sun"
June 17-18 Moose Pass Solstice Festival
July 19 at 3:00 Meeting at Clam Gulch Lodge
(Clam Gulch and Kasilof residents please)
July 19 at 7:00 Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce
(Anchor Point residents please)
July 29 Funny River Festival
Aug 18-20 Kenai Peninsula State Fair
Aug 28 at 7:00 Seward/Bear Creek Flood Service Area Meeting

Sea View Plaza Building, 302 Railway Ave, Suite 122


What is a Comprehensive Plan?


A combination of big vision goals and practical short-term strategies that will:

  • Guide decisions about land use, housing, transportation, public facilities, economic development  and quality of life.
  • Provide a road map for implementation with clear priorities and action items.

We are updating the 2005 plan to address new challenges, seize opportunities  for growth and prosperity, and coordinate efforts throughout the borough.

State of the Kenai

Our Population & Communities
  • Seniors, young adults
  • Average home price
  • New homes built each year
  • School district enrollment
Our Economy
  • Growth industries: Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Agriculture, Marine & Arctic Industrial
  • Number of small farms
  • Fastest growing tourism market in the state
  • Annual King salmon runs & harvests
  • Oil & gas employment
Our Fiscal Health
  • Borough revenue & expenditures
  • Property tax exemptions
  • State revenue & investment
Our Public Lands
  • Each year, the Kenai’s National Parks generate:
  • 223 Million Total economic impacts
  • 156 Million Annual visitor spending

What We've Heard so Far

We have learned a lot so far from conversations with community and business leaders, and from a review of previous plans. We look forward to learning a lot more over the next several months. Here are some ideas we’ve heard for future directions for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. What does your list of priorities look like?

Diversify Our Economy
  • Support development of oil, gas & mining
  • Promote our growing industries: health, agriculture, tourism, marine & arctic industrial
  • Support vocational training & education
Use Our Land and Resources Wisely
  • Reduce conflicts between land uses
  • Mitigate or avoid natural hazards
  • Protect fish habitats
  • Plan for future growth
Improve Access and Connectivity
  • Maintain existing infrastructure
  • Improve connectivity between communities
  • Support transit options
Sustain & Improve Our Quality of Life
  • Promote health & wellness
  • Enhance recreational opportunities
  • Support community
Keep Our Government Efficient and Effective
  • Adjust to declining state revenue & investment
  • Prepare for increased costs & local responsibilities
  • Explore partnerships & creative fiscal solutions

Share Your Vision for the Kenai

During the summer of 2017, we gathered input from residents, businesses, organizations and tribal governments on the Kenai to find a common vision for the future of the Kenai Peninsula.

As part of this effort, our team conducted a telephone survey to get a statistically valid sample of Kenai Peninsula residents’ views on issues relevant to the plan. We want to give a broader group the opportunity to respond to the same questions, and have created an online version of this telephone survey for anyone to answer. 

The survey asked participants what they like about living on the Kenai, feedback on the Borough’s current services and other amenities available in the region, and views on future directions for the borough that may develop out of this plan. A summary of the survey results will be available later this fall. 

The survey is online at survey will be open through Friday, October 6!

Please take the survey.

Responses to the online survey will not be combined with the statistically valid telephone survey, but will be considered separately as additional input in the process.

If you happened to get a call and already answered the telephone survey, feel free to answer this one as well!

Planning Process and Timeline

Spring 2017, Where are we now? Where are we headed? Summer 2017, Where do we want to go? Fall 2017, How can we get there? Winter 2017-2018, Is this the right path? Spring 2018, Lets go!


Check back here for the latest project updates and information on where you can find us this summer.

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